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Established in 2014,

Owner Kelly Robyn moved back to the States from London in low spirits, feeling lost because her dream of living + working in London had shattered. After a couple months of having many pity parties, she decided to start designing again using her witty sense of humor. A friend growing up used to tell her that she always said the best one liners, or "golden nuggets" as she called them. So, Kelly started designing around this idea. Pretty soon, people all over the world were sharing her designs, and laughing along with their friends and family. This made Kelly so happy, because she loves to make people laugh and smile. Without knowing it, her customers all over the world helped bring Kelly out of her sad little pity parties, and so she continued doing what she loved to do, designing + making people smile!

Now, Miss With-it Design House is based in Los Angeles, CA. We're really proud of the fact that all of our manufacturing is made to order in the USA. What makes us different, is that we're all about giving you the freedom to customize everything on our site! We want people to have fun inserting their own personalities and sense of humor into our products! You can add things like your BFF's name, change the color, change the saying or pattern, whatever you choose! Everything is custom + made to order, so the options are endless! Whether your style is glamorous, retro inspired, or cutting edge, Miss With-it offers a bit of shine for every personality. We love to work with you to come up with any of your fun special custom ideas you may have.

We're also available to make it easy for your party, event, brand, or shop.

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